AHRO Invites Comments On Project To Develop & Test Hospital Toolkit Intended To Guide Hospitals In Using AHRQ Quality Indicators

By Cynthia Marcotte Stamer

April 12, 2010 is the deadline for interested person to comment on the request by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) for approval of its proposed “Development and Evaluation of AIIRQ’s Quality Indicators Improvement Toolkit” information collection project.

AHRO’s mission under 42 U.S.C. 299(b)(1)(F); 299a(a)(1) and (2) is to disseminate information and tools that can support improvement in quality and safety in the U.S. health care community.  In furtherance of this mission, AHRQ has developed sets of Quality Indicators (QIs) for use by AHRO and others to document quality and safety conditions at U.S. hospitals. These and other federally established quality standards are a key part of ongoing government efforts to promote quality and cost effectiveness in the U.S. medical system, as well as to tie reimbursement to the satisfaction of these or other government-adopted quality standards. 

To encourage broader use and adoption of its QIs by hospitals and others, AHRO now is working on developing and evaluating a toolkit to help hospitals to effectively use AHRQ’s QIs.  The proposed AHRO toolkit would use two sets of QIs already developed and evaluated by AHRO:

  • The Inpatient  Quality Indicators (IQIs), which  contain measures of volume, mortality, and utilization for common medical conditions and major surgical procedures; and
  • The Patient Safety Indicators (PSIs), which are a set of measures to screen for potentially preventable adverse events that patients may experience during hospitalization.  

The QIs and supportive documentation on how to work with them are posted on AHRQ’s Web site here. Many of the QIs have been  endorsed by the National Quality Forum through its consensus review  process.

To promote the appropriate use of these tools, AHRO plans to develop and then field test an alpha version of the Quality Indicators Improvement Toolkit with six hospitals.  The currently open invitation to comment invites public comment on the proposed information collection efforts to be conducted as part of this phase of the project.  

To review the pending request for comment for additional details or instructions on submitting comments, see here.

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