Joint Commission Revises Medical Staff Bylaw Standard

On Monday, March 15, 2010, the Joint Commission announced revisions to Medical Staff Standard MS.01.01.01 relating to medical staff governance and accountability to the governing body for patient care quality and safety.  Hospitals and their medical staff have until March 31, 2010 to comply with the revised standard. The revised standard is available for review here.

Standard MS.01.01.01 addresses the medical staff’s self-governance and its accountability to the governing body for the quality and safety of patient care. Intended by the Joint Commission to promote patient safety and quality of care through the support of a well-functioning, positive relationship between a hospital’s medical staff and governing body, the Standard recognizes that a hospital’s governing body is ultimately responsible for the quality and safety of care, but that collaboration among a hospital’s governing body, medical staff and administration.

Focusing on the key role that the definition of the medical staff’s organizational responsibilities and how the medical staff and governing body will work together in the medical staff bylaws, that Standard MS.01.01.01 outlines a detailed framework for constructing, writing and implementing bylaws that the Joint Commission believes best supports appropriate collaboration between the medical staff, the governing body and the administration to promote the safety and quality of care.  These Standard address the allocation of responsibilities between the medical staff and the governing body for the development and adoption of medical staff bylaws, processes to be utilized to develop and implement bylaws and a detailed list of elements that medical staff bylaws are required to address to meet the Standard.

The new Medical Staff standard is only one of an expanding series of Joint Commission Standards focusing on medical staff regulation and performance to help promote quality that facilities and their medical staff must address to maintain accreditation.   In addition to the revised Medical Staff Standard, for instance, health care facilities and their medical staffs also generally are working to address the Joint Commission’s Standards to Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation, credentialing, peer review and disruptive conduct standards. 

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